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The employees are from different areas of the hotel (spa, recreation, front desk, restaurant), so they wouldn’t have to clean the rooms.

I don’t know if they’ll get into trouble. I hope so, as two of them are managers and I even warned one when got here that I wasn’t going to deal with any of her crap.

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Nice job! Next time, however, change a couple things. Turn off ingame snapshots, they kind of get in the way. Also, while I like the song, it’s not very well suited for a montage. There are way too many beats for you to sync the clips with. Speaking of which, work on syncing your hits with the music, it really looks good. Other than that, you did well.

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Why do people keep on forgetting that WE ARE THE GODDAMNED CUSTOMERS. WE keep Sony in business, WE pay for their servers, WE are the ones who should be on top, not the company we are funding.

The customer not getting the service they paid for for 3 days is an outrage, but people are just turning on their backs and letting Sony walk all over them because “oh, but we should be thankful that the great and mighty Sony-san has given us anything at all!!”. 5 free days of playing PSPlus indies. Whoop-de-fucking loo.

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